Installing the server in an OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster#

You can install a containerized version of the HCL™ Launch server in an OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster. The HCL Launch server is installed using a Helm chart.

Ensure that you complete the following prerequisite tasks:

Note: Because the containerized version runs in high availability mode, the Apache Derby database is not supported when running the server in a Kubernetes cluster.

Installing the HCL Launch Operator from the Red Hat Marketplace#

To install the HCL Launch server in an OpenShift/Kubernetes cluster, follow the instructions described in the HCL Launch bundle README or you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to the Red Hat Marketplace.

  2. Using the field provided, search for IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

  3. From the Pricing tab, click UrbanCode Deploy.

  4. Click Configure or Free Trial.

  5. Click View software, or select Workspace > My software, from the menu bar, and then click the IBM UrbanCode Deploy tile.

  6. Click Select operator and ensure that the following items are selected:

    • The default selections for Update channel and Approval strategy.
    • Under Target clusters, in the Name column, the check box to the left of your registered cluster.
    • From the drop-down list in the Namespace scope column, the OCP namespace associated with your cluster. This is the project name that was used for operator deployment from the RHM portal.
    • Click Install. After a few moments the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Operator should be installed.
  7. From the Operators tab, select the drop-down list to the far-right of your operator and select Cluster Console.

  8. From the navigation panel, select Operators > Installed operators.

  9. From the top-left of the Installed operators page, expand the Project drop-down list and select your project/namespace.

  10. From the list of installed Operators, click IBM UrbanCode Deploy and follow the instructions on the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Operators page to install IBM UrbanCode Deploy to your Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

Creating the UcdServer Custom Resource#

  1. Once the operator is added to your cluster's OperatorHub and installed, click Operators > Installed Operators from the OpenShift web console.

  2. Click on the UrbanCode Deploy server tile in the list of installed operators.

  3. Select the UcdServer CR tab and click Create UcdServer.

  4. Fill in the form fields to provide the required information.

  5. Click Create.

    The UcdServer CR is created.

  6. Configure the HCL Launch server operator custom resource parameters as per your environment.

  7. Access your containerized instance of Access your containerized instance.