Installing agents in silent mode#

In silent mode, you specify the installation properties in a text file and then run the installation without command-line prompts.

You specify the installation properties in a properties file. The file is provided as an example of a properties file. The file is in the archive.

  1. Copy the following file from the HCL Launch server to the target system: installation_folder/opt/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/tools/

  2. Extract the archive file.

  3. Open the file for editing, or copy the file to a new properties file.

  4. Customize the installation by editing the properties file.

    If you do not specify a property, the default value is used. Some properties in the example file are commented out by default. For a list of these properties, see Agent installation properties.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Run the installation file with the install-agent-from-file.bat command on Windows™ or the ./ command on Linux. Provide the properties file as a command-line argument.

    On Windows, if the properties file is named, type the following command:


The installation program installs the agent.

Upgraded or installed agents are migrated to compact mode. Note that agents are updated to compact only if the agent is installed/upgraded on a platform that supports compact agents.

Start the agent. See Starting agents.

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