Troubleshooting agent connections#

You can answer a number of questions to help isolate the issue behind problems with agents.

By default, the logs for the agent are in the folder agent_install/var/log.

Starting with V7.0.3, you can download and display agent logs in the user interface. This feature is only available for web agents V7.0.3 and later. The Request Agent Logs option is displayed on the selected agent page. After clicking Request Agent Logs, the agent.out (default file name) appears under the Available Logs section on the same page.

If you are having trouble with an agent, see the following troubleshooting information for the state of the agent:

If the agent isn't displayed in the user interface, or if the agent is reported as offline, complete these actions:

If you do not know the location of the agent that cannot connect to the server, go to the agent properties, which include the last known host name and IP address of the agent.

If the agent is reported as connecting, complete these actions:

  1. When this situation occurs, the problem is an HTTP communication issue. To resolve this issue:
    1. Check the external agent URL in settings. In the product, click Settings, and then click System Settings. Make sure that the host name or IP address matches or resolves to the entry in the agents file.
    2. Use Telnet to connect to the HTTP port on the Server.

If the agent is reported as online but you continue to have problems, complete these actions:

  1. Verify that the agent and agent relay are running the recommended and minimum versions as indicated in the user interface.
  2. Check the server, agent relay, and agent logs for errors. Look for matching time stamps among the logs.
  3. Enable more detailed logging by inserting these lines in the agent_install/conf/agent/log4j file:

    Check the output for errors.

If the agent fails to connect to the server to an agent, check if the agent.log shows:

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