Getting started with HCL Launch#

Quickly become productive with HCL™ Launch by following these steps.

The following diagram outlines the steps that are required to get started with HCL Launch.

This graphic shows the steps to get started with Launch.

The following diagram outlines the minimum steps that are required to create and run a deployment. Each box describes a core activity and, taken together, they illustrate the product's primary function. The fastest way to become productive is to work through these steps and understand what each does and how each interrelates with the others.

These steps assume that you have a system installed and configured. See Installing.

From the Welcome page, you can work through a wizard that shows you the basic steps to deploying artifacts with HCL Launch. Click the Welcome tab, and then click Let's creat an application. The wizard guides you step-by-step and provides brief explanations of the entire process for creating a deployment. If you do not see the Welcome tab, click the help menu icon that is located in the upper-right corner of the window. Then, click Welcome. See Setting up the wizard for new users for configuration information.

The process editor, showing the
      editing area and the list of available steps

In addition, the following tutorials are designed for new users:

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