Uninstall a managed Java installations in bulk

This command requests a set of agents uninstall Java, but does not wait for or report the result. If an installation is the active JAVA_HOME or configured as JAVA_HOME, that installation is not removed. The returned maintenance tasks can be used to query the result. Individual sub-requests may succeed or fail independently. A single request may contain up to 250 sub-requests.


udclient [\[global-args...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/cli_command_format.md) [\[global-flags...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/cli_command_format.md)
  bulkUninstallAgentJava [JSON file]




This command takes a JSON request string or file. Use the following template for the request:

  "README": "See entity attribute for the template 
  description expected by this endpoint.",
  "entity": [{
    "agent": "Name or ID of an agent",
    "package": "Name of a managed Java package"

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Parent topic: CLI Commands