HCL Launch Terraform provisioner#

The HCL™ Launch provisioner installs an HCL Launch agent on a virtual machine that is created by a Terraform configuration.

Argument reference#

Name Required Description
agent_name True The agent name.
agent_package_version False The agent package component version to install. The default is version 7.1.
agent_relay_url False The agent relay URL when using an agent relay.
agent_team False The agent team.
append_agent_suffix False Set to true to enable agent install script to automatically append an agent suffix based on the private IP address of the host machine.
os_type False The operating system that the agent will be installed on. Specify either aix, linux or windows. The default is linux.
sleep_delay False The amount of time to wait between checks for the agent. Default is 5 seconds.
timeout False The amount of time to check for the agent. Default is 30 seconds.
ucd_password True The HCL Launch password.
ucd_proxy_port False The HCL Launch server proxy port. The default is 20080.
ucd_server_url True The HCL Launch server URL.
ucd_user True The HCL Launch user name.

Example usage

resource "aws_instance" "server" {
     connection {
         user = "ubuntu"
         private_key = "${file("./keys/private_key")}"

     provisioner "ucd" {
         agent_name      = "server-agent"
         ucd_server_url  = "https://ucd-server.raleigh.ibm.com:8443"
         ucd_user        = "admin"
         ucd_password    = "admin_password"

     instance_type = "t2.micro"
     ami = "ami-13be557e"

Parent topic: Terraform