Migrating an existing IBM installation to HCL Launch#

About this task

HCL Launch supports the ability to migrate from the IBM® vendor type to the HCL vendor type.

Note: The HCL installer must be version or greater, the installed IBM server can be any version so long as it is less than the version that will be upgraded to.


  1. Download the HCL installer for the same version that the IBM server is.

  2. Shut down the IBM server.

  3. Run the installer, direct it to the existing installation. You will be notified that a server already exists at the location, and that proceeding will cause the server to be upgraded.

    You will also see a new message: install message

  4. If y is given as an answer the installer will then automatically convert the installation to the HCL vendor type and proceed with the rest of the upgrade process.

  5. A prompt will request HCL licensing information. If migrating a silent mode installer, in the passed in properties answer file please include "license.server.url=" and have the value point to a valid HCL license server.

  6. Start up the server.


Parent topic: Upgrading and migrating