Web agent relay configuration#

Starting with V7.0.4.0, relays can be configured to support web agents exclusively.

You must upgrade relays for agents with web communication enabled and associate with the relay from the UI. However, a successful agent communication does not require any configuration. The following web communication parameters are defined in the relayInstallDir/conf/agentrelay.properties file:


Agent Relay limits#

The maximum number of agents that can be assigned to a relay is limited in each of the releases. See to the following table to check the number of agents that are allowed for a relay for your installedHCL™ Launch version.

Version Relay mode Agent type Limit with default proxy Limit with legacy proxy to Web mode Web Agents 1K N/A or later Web Mode Web Agents 10K 1K

In Linux, use any of these utilities to reach the design limit of 10K concurrent agents:

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