Managing webhook template#

Manage a webhook template for the events your webhook will listen to and push notifications to your messaging platform.

  1. Click Settings > Automation Template > Webhook Template.

  2. Click Create Webhook Template.

  3. Configure the template in the Create Webhook Template window:

    Parameter Description
    Name Identifies the webhook template name.
    Description Conveys more information about the webhook.
    Body Defines the template body in JSON format. To get started with a template format, see the How-tos section for example JSON body for these applications.
    Type Indicates the event type that triggers the notification.
    Teams Allow access of a template type to specific teams.
  4. Save your changes.

    The template lists in the Webhook Templates page.Webhook template page

  5. Optionally, you can edit, delete, and copy an existing template from the Options options iconcolumn.

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