Creating deployment triggers#

With the new deployment trigger feature, you can run an application process automatically on a specified environment after component versions have been added. Deployment Triggers also allow for user specification.

Before you begin

To create a deployment trigger you must have these permissions:

To delete a deployment trigger, you must have these permissions:

Permissions needed for deployment triggers

About this task

You can create deployment triggers for many components on a single environment.

You can run multiple application processes on as many environments as you want.

A deployment trigger adds strict access to running an application process on selected environment through the permission system.

Note: You cannot have duplicate deployment triggers on component, application process, and environment. However, you may create nearly identical deployment triggers when you choose the same component and application process with a different executing user.


  1. On the Environment Configuration page click on Deployment Triggers.Deployment Triggers

  2. Click Create Deployment Trigger.

  3. In the Create Deployment Trigger window, select a component, application process, and executing user.

  4. Click Save when done.

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