Application templates#

With an application template, you can save and reuse a collection of resources, environments, processes, and tagged components or component templates to create a standardized application.

An application template is a standard framework for users to employ when they create applications. In the application template, you can specify the application properties, environment properties, and environment gates for an application. You can also create a framework that describes attributes of the components, environments, and application processes that an application initially contains. Application templates can contain as many of these elements as required to guide users through the application creation process and to standardize their environments.

To ensure that users can create only applications that adhere to templates, you might create a role for users who create applications from templates. See Creating roles and assigning permissions. For more information about role permissions that prevent users from modifying applications to deviate from the application templates, see Application template permissions reference.

Note: If users are granted the certain permissions, they can add or remove components, environments, and application templates after they create an application from the template.

Parent topic: Modeling software deployment