Managing agents remotely#

After an agent is installed, you can manage (with the monitor process) many of its features from the HCL™ Launch web application.

We characterize an agent as a single process, but technically an agent consists of two processes: a worker process and a monitor process. Worker processes do the actual work of deployment, such as handling plug-in steps. Monitor processes manage the worker process, such as handling restarts, upgrades, and tests. Agent properties can be changed directly by editing the agent's conf/agent/ file and restarting the agent.

Note: Agents can access Windows shared drives. Drives are mapped on a per-user basis, you can check if the agent has the drive mapped with fsutil fsinfo drives.

  1. Display the Agents pane (Resources > Agents).

  2. Click action link for the agent.

    Actions are described in the following table.

    Action Description
    Edit Edits the agent name, description, and team configuration.
    Delete Deletes the agent permanently from the system.
    Restart Shuts down and restarts the agent. While the agent is shut down, its status is Offline.
    Test Connection Runs the agent settings and connection test. Test results are displayed in the Connection Test dialog.
    License Sets the license from unlicensed to authorized.
    Set License Type Changes the license type.
    Set Configuration Template Applies an agent configuration template to the agent.
    Upgrade This option shuts down the agent and applies the upgrade. While the agent is shut down, its status is Offline. After the upgrade is applied, the agent is restarted.

    You can also perform the following Java configuration on agents that support Java packages:

    Java options Description
    Set Java Home Updates JAVA_HOME for the agent. The Java Home lists the packages that are installed on the agent. Select an appropriate package or enter the absolute path of a valid JAVA_HOME directory.
    Install Java Installs the Java package on the agent. The Java Package list displays the packages that are added to the system and matches the agent architecture and OS.
    Uninstall Java Removes the Java package from the agent. The Java Package list displays the packages that are installed on the agent.


    • The Java packages are added or managed in the System Settings. Ask your administrator, if you want a specific Java package added to the system.
    • All Java actions and their details are recorded in the agent's Maintenance tab.Agent maintenance tab
    • Agent properties and Java home information is available from the agent's Metadata tab.

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