The agent will be upgraded to the agent version corresponding with the HCL™ Launch server version.


udclient [\[global-args...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/cli_command_format.md) [\[global-flags...\]](../../com.udeploy.reference.doc/topics/cli_command_format.md)
  updateAgent [parameters] [JSON file]


Parameter Type Required Description
agent string true Name or ID of the agent


This command takes a JSON request string or file. Use the following template for the request:

  "configurationTemplate": "Name or id of the Agent 
  Configuration Template to set for this agent",
  "description": "The description of the agent",
  "impersonationForce": "Force impersonation. When set to 
  true, do not allow steps or resource configuration to 
  change impersonation settings",
  "impersonationGroup": "Default group to use for 
  "impersonationPassword": "Password to use for 
  impersonation (only applicable for Windows)",
  "impersonationUseSudo": "Use sudo for impersonation 
  (only applicable for *nix)",
  "impersonationUser": "Default user to use for 
  "licenseType": "License type to use for this agent",
  "name": "Name of the agent"

Related REST command: Update agent settings.

Parent topic: CLI Commands