Accessing the server in a Kubernetes cluster#

This topic contains the instructions that are used to access and start the HCL™ Launch server in the Kubernetes cluster.

Ensure that the server has been properly installed in your Kubernetes environment.

This topic describes how to access a running instance of the HCL Launch server installed in an IKS cluster.

  1. The output of the helm status <releaseName> command provides commands that contain the URL of your server. Run the commands to obtain the server's UR. (See Installing the server in a Kubernetes cluster.)

    Get the application URL by running these commands:


    export NODE_PORT=$(kubectl get --namespace default -o jsonpath="{.spec.ports[0].nodePort}" services tneal-ucd2-ibm-ucd-prod)


    export NODE_IP=$(kubectl get nodes --namespace default -o jsonpath="{.items[0].status.addresses[0].address}") echo https://$NODE_IP:$NODE_PORT

  2. Using a web browser, log onto the server at specified URL, https://SERVICE_IP:target-port.

    The default initial credentials are ID: admin, password: admin.

After you log on to your HCL Launch server, set the External Agent URL and External User URL properties on the Settings->System Settings page. The value is the same URL value you used to log in to the server.

If you run into problems, visit the Troubleshooting page.

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