Editing blueprint source code#

You can edit the Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) source code of blueprints directly.

To edit a blueprint in the code editor, open the blueprint by clicking Blueprints. In the Files list, click a blueprint, and then click the Source tab.

Source mode of blueprint editor.

To edit a blueprint in a graphical editor, click the Diagram tab. For more information, see Editing Terraform blueprint diagram.

The palette at the right side of the editor shows resources that you can add to the blueprint. The palette is divided into multiple drawers. If a drawer contains many items, the contents are separated across tabs. On tablet computers, the pallet is on the right side of the editor and is collapsed by default. If you are using a tablet computer, to add elements to a blueprint, typically you click Add to open the Add Element window.

You can click and drag resources from the palette just like when you edit the diagram.

Note: Ensure that you drag your resources into the correct section of the source file.

The left side of the editor shows the following sections:

If the blueprint contains an error, warning, or unfinished TODO item, an icon that represents the most serious types of item is displayed on the editor toolbar. For example, if the blueprint contains at least one error, the error icon is displayed. Hover over the icon to display a list of all items that you must correct or complete before you provision the blueprint.