Update a component template prop-def sheet from a JSON file. Replaces the property definitions.#


PUT https://{hostname}:{port}
Accept: application/json

Parameter Type Required Description
componentTemplate string true Name or ID of the component template
Parameter Type Required Description
Accept application/json true  

This command takes a JSON request string or file. Use the following template for the request:

  "README": "See entity attribute for the template 
  description expected by this endpoint.",
  "entity": [{
    "descirption": "Optional",
    "description": "Optional, description displayed to 
    "label": "Optional, label displayed to user",
    "name": "Required, the property name",
    "pattern": "Optional, regular expression for the value",
    "required": "Optional boolean, if the property is 
    "type": "Optional, Default TEXT, Type of property 
    "value": "Optional, Default value"

Related CLI command: updateComponentTemplatePropDefs.

Parent topic: componentTemplate resource