Connecting the blueprint design server to Google Cloud Platform#

To connect the blueprint design server to Google Cloud Platform, map the Google Cloud Platform account information to a functional ID. Then, assign that functional ID to a team.

The blueprint design server and engine connect to Google Cloud. For authentication information, the blueprint design server connects to the Keystone identity service and optionally to an LDAP server.

  1. Log in to the blueprint designer as a user with the following System permissions:

    • Configure Security
    • Manage Users & Groups
    • Create a connection to the cloud:

    • Click Settings > Clouds.

    • Click Add New Connection.

    • Specify a name for the cloud connection.

    • In the Type list, select Google Cloud Platform.

    • Click Save.

  2. To create a cloud project, see Creating cloud projects for the blueprint designer.

  3. Add the cloud project to a team.

    See Configuring blueprint design server teams.

  4. Add users to the team and to one or more roles on the team.

    These users can come from any authentication realm, including LDAP servers, Keystone identity services, or from the internal authentication realm.

  5. Make sure that the team roles include the appropriate permissions for those users, such as creating and editing blueprints.

You can log in to the blueprint designer as a user from that team. At the top of the page, you can select the Google Cloud cloud connection and region to use. When you edit blueprints, the palette shows resources that are available to your Google Cloud project, and you can provision blueprints to Google Cloud.