License scenarios#

How many licenses do I need?

HCL™ Accelerate supports floating- type licenses.

How many licenses do I need?#

Every installation is unique, of course, but typically you can plan one license for every ten users, a 1:10 ration. For example, on a fifty user team, 5 licenses is sufficient.

Concurrent sessions (floating licenses)#

A floating license is a license for a single software product that can be shared among multiple team members. However, the total number of concurrent users cannot exceed the number of floating licenses you purchase. In this scenario, when a user logs on to HCL Accelerate, a license is retrieved from a license server. If the first license server does not have available licenses, HCL Accelerate attempts to retrieve a license from the other license servers. 15 minutes after the user logs off, the server returns the license to the license server.

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