HCL Software Factory (SoFy)#

HCL Software Factory (SoFy) is a cloud-native catalog of REST APIs and products that use kubernetes as docker images and helm charts hosted in cloud-native registry.

HCL SoFy provides a platform to build customized solutions and deploy them easily in the cloud of your choice. HCL SoFy features three stages: explore the application, create the solution, and release the solution. In the HCL SoFy page, on the CATALOG tab, search and select the application to deploy in Kubernetes clusters. HCL SoFy catalog HCL SoFy uses helm technology to provide HCL products and application programming interfaces. HCL SoFy provides a temporary environment-sandbox to deploy and test solutions. The temporary sandbox environment is available only for 6 hours. With HCL SoFy, you can run more than two temporary sandboxes at the same time. For example, you can deploy HCL™ Accelerate and HCL™ Launch in two separate sandbox environments at the same time. For more information about solution deployment, see HCL SoFy.

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