Release notes#

This release of HCL™ Accelerate is a maintenance release and includes various bug fixes and enhancements. This release is recommended for all customers. This topic provides a summary of enhancements and bug fixes.

If you are upgrading from a previous version, the following updates are included in this release.


Bug fixes


This release includes an announcement about advanced capabilities using HCL Accelerate and IBM® UrbanCode™ Release. See the HCL Accelerate 2.0.4 includes IBM UrbanCode Release and delivers advanced capabilities for your organization’s DevOps processes document for details.

Bug fixes


Bug fixes


Deployment plans can add task dependencies from the user interface. Plug-in image versions are now displayed on Plugin page. Improved reserved participants to include LDAP and SSO users and check reservation availability. Added LDAP and SSO users alongside local users in a single users list. Bottleneck detection is now based on Lead Time definition.



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